Weekly Q&A Recordings
Weekly Q&A - April 10th 2024
Weekly Q&A - April 3rd 2024
Weekly Q&A - March 21st 2024 - Time Tracking Live Demo
Weekly Q&A - March 7th 2024
in this weeks Q&A session Johann takes you through the vision boards for time tracking which releases at the end of March
Weekly Q&A - February 28th 2024
In this session Johann shares his favourite tips and tricks, how his firm is ready for Sa100 season opening and answers all your questions.
Weekly Q&A - February 21st 2024
In this session Johann looks at Small improvements rolling out on Monday 26th February along with the ability to export and import forms.
Weekly Q&A - February 14th 2024
In this session Johann looks at New permission levels, reporting to levels for users and shares his tips and tricks around AML forms.
Weekly Q&A - February 7th 2024
In this live show Johann takes us through the upcoming Permissions updates releasing on the 12th February.
Weekly Q&A - January 31st 2024
In this live show recording Johann shows off the upcoming Email saving feature releasing on the 12th February 2024
Weekly Q&A - December 20th 2023
In this weeks session along with tips and tricks, Johann also goes through how you can log calls and meetings in this new feature.
Weekly Q&A - January 10th 2024
Weekly Q&A - January 17th 2024
Weekly Q&A - January 24th 2024
In this session Johann looks at Inbox zero methodology and shares tips and tricks while answering questions as they com in.